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LINERED STEEL WATER TANKZINCALUME COATED STEEL + PVC LINER"Fresher, cleaner, healthier water for your family"IBP Technology Co., LTD supplies and installs Pioneer Steel Water Tank which is designed & manufactured in Australia to satisfy the water storage requirements by using high-quality material. Keeping your water tank free form microbes means cleaner, healthier, fresher water for longer with Aqualiner FRESH® – Sanitized® technology. Durability and easy assembling and moving. It's suitable for most construction site conditions such as industrial water, drinking water, farm/cattle water application without concrete base (or just need a concrete base frame – periphery).CERTIFIED QUALITYAqualiner FRESH® has been tested and accredited to all relevant and necessary Australian and International standards for product in contact with drinking water.NSF/ANSI 61 by NSF InternationalAS/NZS 4020 by Australian Water Quality ContreFresh Water For LongerAntimicrobial technology adds a defense mechanism to a tank liner which helps it fight against the growth of microbes such as bacteria and algae, sometimes referred to as “biofilm”. As biofilm grows thicker on the walls and floor of the tank liner it falls to the bottom of your tank and creates a thick sludge on the floor. Water that is stored in clean tank is much fresher and cleaner than water that has been stored in a dirty tank over a bed of bacterial and algal sludge.No NanotechnologyToday, in the face of antibiotic-resistant pathogens, silver is re-emerging as an important antimicrobial agent in the field of infection prevention. The remarkable bacteriostatic effects of silver. A natural element is technology with a high level of acceptance. The SANITIZED® product and Aqualiner FRESH® does not contain any nan-particles.Environmentally SafeA tank with a liner treated with antimicrobial technology requires less frequent cleaning or de-sludging to maintain a healthy tank environment. This saves you time and money and improves your water quality. When sludge levels are high, the sludge can be drawn out of the tank outlet through the tap or pump and will present as very unattractive brown particles in your water. No-one wants this in their drinking water.LINERED STEEL WATER TANK DATA SHEETWall StructureBluescope ZINCALUME® steel, COLORBOND® steel or COLORBOND® Ultra steel panels complying with AS1397. Most severe earthquake loads to AS1170.4. 8-80 V-LOCK (*) wall profile to AS4600.(*) The 8-80 V-lock ADVANTAGEPioneer Water Tanks’ unique 8-80 V-LOCK is the result of rigorous research and development.The 8-80 V-lock profile is designed to minimize stress on the liner during tank level cycling.Specifically engineered with a flat section at the bolted panel connections, the 8-80 V-lock vastly improves the structural integrity and overall aesthetic appeal of your finished tank.Steel GradeG300 ZINCALUME steelProtective CoatingZINCALUME® steel (zinc/aluminium/magnesium alloy) AM125 heavy-duty coating. Also available in COLORBOND® steel.Bolting SpecificationM10 – M16 galvanized, flanged head, high tensile bolts.Dome RoofBluescope ZINCALUME® steel, COLORBOND® steel or COLORBOND® Ultra steel. Custom orb profile. 0.42bmt thickness. High tensile G550. Hot dipped fully self-supporting galvanized roof trusses.Nozzles Nozzles are manufactured from either PE100 SDR17 HDPE or hot-dipped galvanized steel (available on request).Manufacturing and installationThis can be either client or tank specific or both. Each project will be confirmed in writing and comprise a full installation, manufacturing and installation schedule. Note that Pioneer Water Tanks requires certain information prior to commencing manufacturing. This will be advised to you at the time of the proposal.FIVE KEY DIFFERENCESGROSS CAPACITY CHARTLinered Steel Water Tanks Model: XL01; XL04; XL05; XL08; XL10; XL13; XL15; XL20; XL23; XL25; XL30; XL35; XL40; XL45; XL50; XL60; XL65; XL70; XL80; XL85; XL90; XL100; XL110; XL120; XL130; XL140; XL150

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