BIOdek Vertical Flow Fills

  • BIOdek vertical flow fills form vertical channels and have open interfaces. Thus the sludge of thick biofilms does not accumulate and solids are easily expelled. The fill’s reinforced edges increase the bearing capacity and give a high resistance to erosion.

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2H BIOdek Vertical flow fills.

 Optimum solids discharge

 Vertical Flow Fill KVP 318

Vertical Flow Fill KVP 319

Vertical Flow Fill KVP 623


High operation reliability
Limits the accumulation of solids and thick biofilms

Optimum solids discharge
Due to vertical channels and open interfaces

Self-supporting structure
High bearing capacity with variable sheet thicknesses

High resistance to erosion
Provided by double folded edges or reinforced PP edges

Low-pressure drop
Due to vertical direction of all channels

Long service life
Due to chemical, bacterial and UV resistance of PP and PVC

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