MFV Systems

  • The construction world is undergoing continuous evolutions and today the use of equipped walls in addition to the building structure is becoming increasingly predominant, allowing the creation of concealed installations in a rapid, simple and clean manner.

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A modular universal systems.

 The MFV systems was engineered to be mounted in wall units in addition to the building structure, allowing bathroom installation to be performed in a quick, simple and clean manner. Special tools are not required for installation of the MFV system; with just 4 components customized solutions can be created for the installation of WC pans, bidets,
washbasins and Ariapur, the extractor fan that removes air directly from the WC pan.


Fast: enables significant savings in time during installation
No mess on site: no structural changes required and no walls demolished
Easy to install: no special tools required for installation
Complete range
Valsir technical support on hand during planning and on-site
The whole installation is carried out in complete autonomy by the plumber, from structure installation to wall finishing

MFV/S1 model

MFV/S2 model

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