• PexalEasy is an advanced fittings system in technopolymer (PPSU) for water supply, heating, cooling and refrigerating systems, as well as being the ideal solution for compressed air systems and industrial installations.

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Full bore fittings in technopolymer.

 PexalEasy is an advanced system of fittings in technopolymer (PPSU) for water supply in heating, cooling and refrigerating systems. It is used with the Pexal pipes and guarantees an increase of 30% in bore passage if compared with normal compression or press fittings. The fittings can be re-used and installation times are greatly reduced.


Reduced pressure loss thanks to total bore passage

Total absence of oxidation and corrosion

Excellent characteristics of mechanical and ageing resistance

Great speed and ease of installation

Chemical resistance to most common substances dissolved in water

Certification for transporting drinking water

Range of diameters from D 14 mm to D 75 mm


Socketing and full bore

Socketing connection

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